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Eliminate limestone carapace aquatic turtle

The images of the pack of the Ruga carapace and the loss of limestone


Limestone, sodium carbonate, is present in the water of our homes in more or less high quantities. The most "hard" waters are those with the highest concentration.

Often the limescale clogs boilers of the irons, crashes water boiler, etc. Have you ever tried to leave some water in a glass bottle for a while? How many live in areas with very calcareous drinking water, they know that in a short time a white patina will form.

It might interest you: A spring day in November.

If we leave our water turtle in a little water (does it sound bad?), That limestone settles on its carapace, coloring all the carapace white.

First of all donate to your pond turtle, a tank with more water. Already this first act of goodness towards him, you deserve a point in favor.

Lampada UV Askoll

Secondly, in order to return the carapace of its natural color, it will be necessary to wait for the complete outline. The various scutches of the carapace, will begin to break away between spring and summer, giving your tartarughina its original color. No scrubbing or anti-scale products then!

Would you ever wash yourself with an anti limestone? Not me.


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