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Ruga at home at the end of hibernation

Early termination of hibernation for my Trachemys scripta scripta, cause winter too hot.


A few days ago Ruga, my aquatic turtle, a trachemys scripta scripta has necessarily come out of hibernation. An absurdly warm winter required a return to full tortoise activity. Risky to continue with such hot temperatures.

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Ruga lives outdoors on the balcony and therefore the thermoregulation is dictated by the atmospheric temperatures. The digital thermometer with probe now for days it had recorded temperatures in water, above 10 degrees.

Ghiaia fondale Tartarughiera

So that day after day he started to expose himself to the sun to basking on the emerged area and then I started to feed it little by little. Today I checked the general external conditions. A simple visual examination to check that he had no infection or problems of various kinds. The eyes are vivid and the energies are not lacking, as you can clearly see from the photographs.

During the winter I weighed it at least once a month and at the same time I checked it to verify that there were no infections to the skin and eyes, softening of carapace and plastron. The weight remained stable.

To testify that he is well, his vivacity shown in these photos, taken at the end of the general cleaning of the armor. A simple cleaning carried out with sterile gauze and running water.


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