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Photo of Ruga on the new house emerged

Habitat dry with dimensions appropriate to its size



This is the first time that Ruga sets foot on the new dry structure, specifically designed to be more independent than before and can have a larger space available. A spacious habitat that includes: the pool as an aquatic site; the new wooden structure for the emerged part. The two places are connected by a rigid plastic salitella.

Lampada UV Tartarughe Vitamina D3

In the pictures you can see Ruga climbing the ramp and exploring the new environment available (about 45cm x 45cm on the side). Includes a "cork" in raw cork. Capannella on which he immediately tried to climb, as you can see from the stolen shots while trying the business. Unfortunately, the climb failed and has fallen on itself.

It might interest you: A spring day in November.

As if nothing had happened, he resumed the scout by discovering the small door "overlooking" on the balcony. From the small door Ruga can take advantage of a wider tour on the balcony, thanks to a ramp that can be glimpsed in the last images of the photo gallery.

I would like to reassure everyone by adding that, Ruga can only move on that part of the balcony surrounded by a low wall / parapet. The rest of the balcony is denied him by a high impassable panel.


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