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Aquatic turtle sunbathes in August

An aquatic turtle sunbathed in August, blissfully lying on the edge of its body of water: nothing but lamps!


For those who buy an aquatic turtle it will be spontaneous to ask: "Better the sun or a UV lamp for my turtle?" Obviously the sun is better: it is second nature. The sun is also free, not the same for the purchase of lamps and for electricity consumption; the lamps must also be periodically replaced. Who can not keep a turtle outdoors opts for the interior and therefore it is necessary to adopt the best lamp.

Lampada UV Askoll

Ruga takes summer sun in its do-it-yourself tortoise, comfortably resting on the tile on the soft white plastic sink mat that covers a plastic panel. The panel acts as an exchange ramp between the water basin and the emerged area.

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Ruga prefers to sunbathe in the area adjacent to the body of water. Sometimes the plate is placed on the cork pavement of the emerged area remaining very close to the ramp. Only in the early hours of the day is "away", so to speak, from the water, to make a small turn and enter the cork cave that is seen behind him. In recent times it has also managed to rise above...

The photos were taken on August 28th, 2016 at five in the afternoon.


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