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Freshwater turtle while eating in the morning

A female specimen of a freshwater turtle, a trachemys scripta scripta, while eating fish-based pellets in the morning.


Ruga eats grabbing the food deposited on the chute leading to the basking area: a way not to make it lazy. In the photos you can see the trachemys scripta scripta intent on eating fish pellets, bought in an animal shop in my area. She always sniffs the new food before grabbing it with toothless jaws. Then he takes it to the water to eat it; if he can grab more than one piece at a time, then leave the excess water in the water, devouring it at a later time.

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Laghetto da giardino

Eat in the morning and eat without brakes all day if you had food always available. I dose the right amount for his size and eat every other day: it is no longer a baby for a long time.


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